Knivsta IT konsult AB


Speciality: IT development and service.
Primarily for companies working within building technology or medical device technology.


Programming, mainly in C# and Java.
C# for Microsoft Windows, including Microsoft Office add-ons.
Java for Android.



Example: Indoor program suite (Windows, C#):
Create charts in a few easy steps.
The charts will be based on measurement data from Testo 174T (temperature), Testo 174H (temperature and humidity), Testo 175T1 (temperature), Testo 175T2 (two temperature channels), Testo 175H1 (temperature and humidity) or Testo 176T4 (four temperature channels).
Indoor is available in English, Norwegian and Swedish.
More information:
Indoor presentation in English
Indoor presentation in Norwegian
Indoor presentation in Swedish
 Indoor introduction video:


Example: Two apps for time logging (Android, Java):
TimeLogger - saves current time, shows time spent.
TripAndTimeLogger - saves current mileage and time, shows distance and time spent.
 TimeLogger and TripAndTimeLogger introduction videos:

Two other rather similar apps (Android, Java), DiabetesDiary and WeightDiary. Enter value for blood sugar respectively weight. The values will be saved and can later be displayed as a charts.

All four Android Apps are available on Google play.



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